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Introducing our new WMS platform

Our brand new WMS - Work Management System is built on 20+ years experience developing management systems.
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Stand Alone Capable

While our WMS system is geared towards direct connectivity to channel sources we do support stand alone running. This means you can import orders from any source you like manually and manage them however you require (API connectivity possible on request).

This type of setup is primarily used in manufacturing only configurations however it's entirely up to yourself how you use the platform.

You can also create import templates to map files from Example Sage™, Amazon™, Ebay™ and many others and use them to import orders directly from files.
Use Cases

Our WMS isn't just tailored towards orders, as a manufacturing platform some use cases see pure raw goods processing with no connections to any order channel. With the ability to use as much or little of the available system as you require it's up to yourself which features to use.

The primary benefit of "always available" features is you can choose to expand or contract usage at any time you see fit.
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Order management
Dispatching Orders

We support direct intergration for Shipping carriers such as:
  • Royal Mail Click & Drop™
  • DPD™
  • Drop shipping
  • Pick up and more.
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Direct Connection to Tozell stores.

Our work management systems primary USP is it's direct live and instant connection to connected Tozell E-Commerce stores. With zero delay and API wait times means orders come in and updates go out instantly. The same is true of stock updates if using WMS's stock management features across your connected channels.

You can connect multiple Tozell platform stores to your system and manage all orders and stock in one place!
Multi Channel Connectivity

Our multi channel connectivity extends outside of our in house Tozell platform with connections available for common market places such as Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Etsy, WordPress, and more.

Additional API connections are possible upon request on a per need basis.
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Simplified Order Management

Order Management shouldn't be a chore to do simple tasks. With that in mind our management system allows you to oversee all order types, search and save custom filters to quickly access common order views. We also offer the ability to manage your order order priority types and additional order status types.

Order view screens offer live in page editing, manufacturing processing screens and location management tools.
Order management
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Production management
Production Management

Production management is simplified with direct order page overviews. This means staff members can view order details and process order items including production of items all from one place. We offer a live in page single flow process where staff members can progress through an order and its stages without having to navigate away from their processing screen.

Increasing productivity at any stage will always increase volumes at a production or sales level, so we strive to optimize an employees work flow process where ever possible.
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Custom Production Templates

Every business is different so our production template management is customisable. You start by creating a template, outlining what steps are involved in that process and finally linking a template to an item/s. This means you can have production templates for any sort of process all under one roof.

Templates assigned to items are automatically used when processing orders that match items templates, staff members can use your templates instantly.
Production Templates
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Location management
Location Management

Our unique location manager allows you manage buildings, zones, racks, shelves and shelf locations all in one place. You are able to migrate entire location areas about and handle order / raw locations easily.

As layout changes and expansions are common place it means you can easily re-arrange how your system manages locations easily.
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Stock Management

Managing stock can be as easy or complex as you require. We provide tools so you can either use stock management for overview purposes only or choose which channels to synchronize with. This means you can actively share stock levels on the channels you only want as well provide stock cap tools and more to avoid the dreaded oversell situation!

If you run multi site connections then you can still choose which channels receive updates to balance your levels as you see fit.
Stock Management
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Additional Features

Additional features include but not limited to:

  • Unlimited Staff accounts.
  • Up to 100 permission groups.
  • Staff communication tools.
  • Configurable platform group access.
  • Time sheet / Holiday manager.
  • Configurable displays for use on TV screens.
Apply for Access

WMS use is by application only during our BETA period and to ensure resources are properly balanced.

To apply for a WMS platform please use our Quote page here to outline your requirements and find out more information.

You can also follow for updates on our social media channels linked below.