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What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation which itself is a vital part of any web-site no matter the nature of the site. How your site is presented not just graphically but also in code "behind the scenes" can seriously alter how search engines perceive your site.

Many companies claim to know what all search engines require to get your web-site ranked at the top but the truth is that most search companies are constantly tweaking how sites are ranked. Optimising a web-sites SEO without using tricks and gimmicks instead leads to natural search engine listings that stay.

Being spider friendly

Unless you have an advertising budget that allows for lavish spending on multiple sites then you'll want your web-site to be as spider friendly as possible in order to best advertise your sites content to search engine crawl spiders that visit your site.

Your site content is important and you want search engines like Google to show relevant links and data in search results by potential new visitors. A mismanaged page design or use of content can lead to random snippets of your web-pages being displayed that make no sense, after all while spiders are pretty sophisticated they are still not a human behind a screen who knows if what they are taking from your site is nonsense in its context.

I have worked on many web-sites over the years that had zero advertising budget that once set-up correctly get so well indexed by search engines that natural traffic alone kick starts the site. Much alike pre-existing web-sites can benefit from an "SEO make over" of sorts.

I can offer various types of SEO services, to request a quote click here.